Fashion Do: Going Monochrome With White

Fashion Do: Going Monochrome With White

The hype for monochrome outfits has been at an all time high. And for that, we get it, the allure of uniformity speaks for itself. More than that, seamless canvases of colour emanate power and sophistication aplenty.

Timeless and ultra-wearable however, all-white ensembles earned their deserving spotlight. One glimpse at the whiteout sartorial choice proves itself effortless and a clear classic, as spotted on celebrities who have owned the look in myriad chic styles from elegant to off-duty.

Of course, there’s more to enviable all-white looks than throwing together a wardrobe of whites. Combining different shades of white can go a long way. From winter white to ivory, and cream to oatmeal, they’ll make for an engaging ensemble while entirely crisp white ones impart an effortless elan.

Working with textures is as well a great way to add depth to your look. Layering either lace, tailoring, silk, leather, cotton, or fuller pieces such as knits and feathers, for instance, will eliminate your chances of looking one dimensional. Try Broderie Cotton Bow Embellished Off Shoulder Top and Crepe Silk High Waisted Long Pants in White.

The perfect finishing touch? Accessorising. Keep the neutral note in play with gold chains, a sleek black tote bag or sunglasses, introduce a forgiving pop of colour via footwear, or break up the whites with a belt.

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