Ivan Young: The Brand And Introduction Of Signature Collection

Ivan Young: The Brand And Introduction Of Signature Collection
Sophisticated, elegant, and ethereal – the basic cornerstones to every IVAN YOUNG luxury designer piece. Being an international brand from Malaysia that prides itself on retailing only the most premium masterpieces, our collections include ones of womenswear, shoes and accessories.
A quick glance at our Signature Collection would be a conspicuous enough example of our delicate and decadent style. Inspiration behind this collection stemmed from blissful women of the world and the desire for them to completely indulge via fashion, which is why, such as the many of our other collections, much thought has been put into it in terms of the choice of material utilised as well as the detailing and construction process.

Materials and Craftsmanship 

IVAN YOUNG regulars are familiar with our adoration for the finest materials and craftsmanship. Each clothing piece amasses to at least 60 hours of labour and decorated patterns are as well embroidered on mesh with precision, whether it be our glossy glass beads or soft ostrich feathers.

Our clothing pieces are 100% Mulberry silk – the highest quality silk available – as it is the most refined and uniform in colour (i.e. pure white) and texture to ensure maximum comfort, shine and fluidity desired.

When it comes to fabric, silk gazar is undoubtedly an essential at IVAN YOUNG. The sheer silk has a smooth texture with a crisp, matte finish that enables itself to hold its weight, yet light enough for a soft, flowy appearance to convey an overall dreamy look.


The feathers seen on our clothing pieces are ostrich plumes, which typically originate from the wings of the ostrich. Being the largest and fullest looking of all ostrich feathers, they have a plush appearance and beautiful hanging tips for the ideal lush look. As the naturally white ostrich plumes take dye very well, natural dyes are our go-to to colour our selection of feathers.

More importantly, sourcing is carried out ethically without the suffering of birds. Our two suppliers either collect moulted plumes or carefully cut them from the adult bird to where they are allowed to grow back. This would explain our limited products as the feathers are seasonal and just as exclusive in number, resulting in only our most deliberated made to order products.

Sizing and Customisation

Our typical size range is FR 34 to FR 46, in which are all listed and can be pre-ordered if unavailable at the time of purchase.

Each clothing piece from our site includes the respective measurements of the featured model for a better reference point.

For those interested in our Made-to-measure and Bespoke Services, choose the “CUSTOM SIZE” option from the sizing drop-down list of the clothing piece desired and check out as usual. Once the order is secured, you may either email us your measurements and requests at enquiries@ivanyoung.com or send us a Whatsapp message at +60143632491 for further assistance.

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