Lexy Pantera

Lexy Pantera
Singer and digital influencer Lexy Panterra (IG: https://www.instagram.com/lexypanterra/) posts a video wearing Ivan Young to her Instagram Stories. The video is from a photoshoot for JeJune Magazine and features the 'Silk Velvet Corseted Bodysuit' in Emerald Green. The post went out to her 2.7 million followers and will be available for 24 hours! The official issue will be serviced to you shortly! 
JeJune Magazine (IG: https://www.instagram.com/jejunemag/) posts and tags a photo featuring singer and digital influencer Lexy Panterra (@LexyPanterra) wearing Ivan Young to their main Instagram Page. The photo went out to their 5.2k followers! JeJune Magazine also posted seven videos featuring your brand to their Instagram Stories and will be available for 24 hours! 
Jejune Magazine covers content such as: social and political causes, promoting the heroes of our time, sustainable fashion, eco-friendly beauty, healthy living, and many more topics.

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