The Ivan Young Custom And Bespoke Service: An Unparalleled Experience

The Ivan Young Custom And Bespoke Service: An Unparalleled Experience
In the age of mechanical industry where mass produced garments are readily available, having a one-of-a-kind garment brought into existence exactly as you wish is quite possibly the pinnacle of luxury women's fashion, it is a whole experience. At Ivan Young you will have access to the most experienced artisans, the finest of fabrics, and an unparalleled fit. You will have something that perfectly complements your personality and lifestyle, not just your body. From subtle personalization’s like adding sleeves or creating a custom color to crafting a completely unique haute couture fashion creation, you would have no limits to the options you could explore.
Bespoke fashion is ideal for those of us who have trouble finding off-the-rack clothes that fit, or for those of us who want to experience an old world style of haute couture fashion that is becoming increasingly elusive. For a discerning clientele that enjoy fine craftsmanship, the process and close relationship with an artisan dressmaker are just as enjoyable as the end product itself. Before your consultation, you should form an idea of what you would like to create with us. Will this be a wedding gown or perhaps an evening dress? describe your goal to allow us to help you get there.

After the initial consultation where the design is discussed and measurements are taken, Ivan Young himself will sketch the haute couture fashion designs for you to make your selection from. Once the design is finalized our in-house team of veteran craftsmen will begin the process of crafting your garment. This can take some time depending on how elaborate the design is, as our garments are truly a labor of love that take a team of highly experienced artisans many hours to craft and embellish by hand. However, when it comes to bespoke luxury women's fashion the end result is always well worth the wait.


Hand Embellished Silk Satin Bustier Asymmetrical Dress in Blue

The bespoke haute couture fashion experience is one that truly allows you to be a part of the process. As your garment is being crafted we will update you periodically with pictures of the progress, to ensure that your specifications are met every step of the way. Any further touches required are made to better the experience and achieve that perfect fit.

The Ivan Young bespoke experience allows you to explore all your luxury women's fashion dreams and make the most of our luxurious selection of materials and artisanal craftsmanship. Unlike the time you might spend hunting for something in stores, this is an investment that you will never go away empty handed from. The Ivan Young bespoke experience not only guarantees you the perfect garment, you will also take with you memories to last a lifetime.

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