Discover The Making Of Our Editor’s Picks For Eid

Discover The Making Of Our Editor’s Picks For Eid
Behind each creation at Ivan Young, the journey from beginning to the end product is a beautiful process in which creativity and passion come together to create the perfect masterpiece.
Ivan start off with the sketching process where he will put his ideas and creativity onto paper. This is where the designs come to life so it can be later amassed onto production. Once the sketches have been finalize, Ivan brings his vision to life. Each piece is embroidered by hand so that each piece is unique. The floral embroidery is sewn onto the mesh with the soft ostrich feathers being individually hand crafted ethically sourced. Each pieces come together to form a product where not only is it fashionable but also provides comfort and fluidity when worn.

Ivan Young’s Iconic Tiered Crystal Fringe High-Waisted Skirt is a ready couture piece features 100% Mulberry Silk that has been naturally dyed to a lilac hue and later hand embellished with an astounding 91400 eco-friendly glass beads. The skirt features 6 tiers of 2285 swinging strands that are each comprised from 40 individual beads. It is a labour of love encompassing approximately 180 hours for our artisans to craft the skirt. This skirt can be seen on Ariana Grande during the filming of NBC’s “The Voice”.


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